We unite Europe with Asia and America

We are an international trade company that unites the European continent with Asia and America, we cover all export and import operations and the needs of each client.

We buy or mediate the product in one country and sell it in different countries where we have distribution network services.

We work in sectors with high production volumes such as raw materials, semi-manufactured products, agricultural, mineral products, generic pharmaceuticals, etc.


Apart from being intermediaries (Tradings) we offer our clients various services all related to foreign trade such as:

Tax advisory

Customs advisory

Transfer service

To make import or export payments

Quality control of goods

Personal loans

to importers to expand their flow of merchandise

Transportation of goods

Freight leasing

Container rental

Legal advisory

In case of non-payment problems

Advice on commercial marketing

Advances bridge loans

In short term for the importer to cover the import payment

Cost calculation

For import and export

and other services related to foreign trade between importers and exporters


Trading Products

Our main import and export products are:

Agricultural production

  • Cereals (wheat, rice, corn, etc.), potatoes and other tubers, legumes, oil plants (olive, sunflower, soy, rapeseed) among others.
  • Pepper, Strawberry, Garlic, Green Beans, Orange, Tangerine, Lemon and Apple

Raw material

  • Of vegetable origin: flax, cotton, wood, jib, cellulose, cereals, fruits and vegetables, seeds, wheat.
  • Of animal origin: hides, wool, leather, silk, milk, meat, etc.
  • Of mineral origin: iron, copper, and clay.

Integrated Advising

Customs advisory.

Updated information on customs and destinations.

Preparation of import and export costs of merchandise.

Recommendation in the different import and export destinations, definitive or temporary for different purposes.

Information on import and export tariffs and their advantages in the different countries of the region.

Tariff classification and customs valuation.


Our definition of logistics is to provide the means and methods for products and raw materials to pass through the production chain, from the country where it originates and is produced, the packaging, to its final destination.

It is the bridge between production and markets.

We provide conditioning and storage services in silos plants, transport to them and then to their final destination, both on the merchandise that it originates, and providing services to third parties.


Ireland Office
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19 Fitzwilliam Street Lower
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Dublin, Ireland

Spain Office
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Madrid, Spain